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The Autumn Encounters

Take a peek behind the shutters, those barricades behind which we hide our deepest, darkest desires from the outside world. Experience the adventures of lucky lovers who need no such secrecy, who inhabit a magical world free of judgement, scandal or consequence. Watch as they play out their most intimate fantasies in their safe, loving world, and then ask yourself - is what you hide behind the veil of your own shutters really so dark?

The Autumn Encounters Cover

The Autumn Encounters is a collection of seven short stories, brazen tales of unsuppressed, explicit escapades. A client seduces her builder, a couple allow a watcher to observe them, a landlady stumbles upon her lodger in a private moment and joins him. A delivery girl spies her customers in their domination game and is compelled to participate, two couples take their friendship to a new level, indulging in some voyeuristic, same-room sex.

Join them and others, as they fearlessly throw their shutters open wide, and imagine for a while, that you can, too…

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